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Is a Boiler Service Necessary?

In short the answer to the question is yes. Please use below form to book your boiler service appointment.

A broken / faulty boiler is not fun and it’s always sods law that the boiler packs up when you have a house full of guests or in middle of a cold snap.

The fix can be quicker and simpler (in theory). This will keep things ticking on throughout the long winter months when the boiler is on for longer and having to work that much harder.

To ensure your boiler is safe and working as efficiently as possible, it’s important that your boiler is serviced regularly by a Gas Safe Registered engineer.

It’s worth noting that a boiler that isn’t serviced annually may not be covered by the manufacturer’s guarantee, we do advise that your boiler service is done annually as this will keep your boiler within its warranty and alert us to any potential issues that could cause a breakdown.

In recent years boiler manufacturers have lengthened their warranty. Boiler guarantees are subject to you having the appliance serviced every 12 months from the date of install.

Don’t lose out on your manufacturer’s warranty, get your boiler service appointment booked today!

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